First of all, I enjoyed seeing the fates, but the writers of the episode nearly gave me a heart attack when they mentioned that Ares was next. But, knowing the fates, I took a breath and told myself that there was no way that they would EVER let him go like that, and continued reading on.

I loved that we brought Herc back into the picture. I would have liked Iolaus back too, but since he is an old man now, I can understand why he wasn't back.
But I was happy to see Antigone again (always a fan of her character). I hated that Apollo was back though (I hated him even in Herc's series...I guess I'm suppost to hate him, but still). The guy really bugs me, with his smug attitude and his huge ego...Arg, I know that's why I'm suppost to hate him, but still, he just bugs me (I was jumping for joy when he died, lol).

Oh, I was SOOOO happy to see that things worked out between Ares and Xena. I was so worried that they still be in a fight...Personally, I wasn't expecting Ares to forgive her so quickly. It really shows how much he's changed throughout the seasons. Especially how he gave up his godhood for the kid and Antigone. I LOVED Herc just standing there, stunned, and all he could get out was "That was...a good thing you did." Oh, and I was worried you guys would make them actually like each other and hug at the end. I love the spats Herc and Ares get into!

I'm very happy with Athena. I've always been angry that they made her character into the bad guy(girl, you get what I mean) in season 5, and I'm very happy that she has become such a good character.

Arg....YOU GUYS LEFT THE WORST CLIFFHANGER OF ALL TIME!!!!! I was angry all day because I wanted to know what happened to them!!!!!! I was yelling at the computer "No!!!! What happens??!??? You can't leave it like that!!!!" lol
--> lol you guys love to frustrate us like that, don't you?

arg, hurry up with the next episode please! I hate cliffhangers, and you guys left us with a REALLY big one!!!

guardian of existence

i went throught so much emotion, Ares getting trapped in the eye of hephestus thing i swear i nwas near tears and oh when Xena got him out i practically yelled out yes ... lol and omg to the ending of the episode my curiosity just went up even more.... sigh, the picture are awsome! cant wait for more!!! really really really ... really good ep guys!


Seriously, that is the best ep yet. I LOVED it.

I loved how Xena saves him from the tomb and I loved his comment at the end about walking. That was very Ares-like. I like the cliff hanger at the end and can't wait to see what happens. Not much of a review. I loved this ep. It is one of my favorites.


What a great episode!

I figured that Ares would of course tell the Olympians about Eve's warning, but most of them would be wary of it. I figured that Ares would naturally take the mortal route because he's lived it before and quite frankly knows that it is his best shot of having a real relationship with Xena (because of the mortality/immortality issue). I just didn't think it would happen so soon. My other prediction about the Gods or in this case some of them ganging up on Ares and trapping him to keep him out of the way came true, but I thought he got out too fast...or it was alright for him to get out, but to give up his godhood just shortly afterwards, to save Antigone and Darion was sort of a slight disappointment.

I wanted Ares to give it up because he wanted to give it up and not because he had to do it to save Xena...or in this case anyone else. . I liked his line of "Xena, if I decide to give it all up, it's going to be my choice--on my terms. I deserve no less." I really wanted that for him. Although I guess it wouldn't have been as dramatic or exciting to just see him drain out his powers on say a tree or something. I just figured that Ares' powers would come in handy down the line because the Twilight ordeal isn't over and Artermis sure didn't seem like she was finished with Xena yet, and now her fury is aimed at Ares as well.

This is one of the best shippery episodes of the series. The temple scene and the aftermath scene (Ares and Xena by the fire), were beautiful. Romantic but not sappy.

The last part with the portal was very intriguing. I have no idea what is going to happen there and I'm definitely looking forward to finding out. Overall a wonderful episode. I'm going to go back a read it again.


At first I had read episode without taking a breath - quickly, quickly, what had happened there!!! And then there was cut off the flow of blood to my brain, and without some Xena's fingers. Yeah, seriously, I just sat and looked at the screen of my phone, seeing nothing. Āres is mortal, it was only one thought, that was remaining in my mind. All other ones disappeared somewhere. So I did one I could - I took ep 'Restoration' (it always helps me to come to senses after re-reading of the 'Second chances') and 'Behind Your Eyes' - and a little regain consciousness.

Second reading. This time I read in a complete prostration, only in the hope, that, possibly, I understood something wrongly... that there were consequences of sleepless night - but nothing changed, Ārtemis had taken Darion as before, Āres gave her and Apollo his immortality as before. And suddenly there is flash. Electric bulb, you know, as in cartoons it lights overhead of the main heroes. And life began to shine by all the colours of the rainbow. Įena killed Apollo! It isn't I dislike Apollo very much - although yes, I don't like him. But the main idea is he IS dead - and he was one who got the half of Ares' powers.

You know, ep 'Reunions' (HTLJ) never was one of my favourite. Until this day. But sure it will become now, because - yeah, it has almost the same situation, and it has decision. Hera took away Zeus' powers and immortality, but as soon as Hercules threw her into Tartarus, Zeus got back his enormous powers! Blessed be, Hera! =)) So, the half of immortality got back to Āres!!!! I wonder, which half is it. Will he be immortal, but without powers, the same way as it was in 'Unleashed' and 'Redemption'? Or quite the contrary, will he get powers, but not immortality, as long time it was assumed about Hercules (until we saw he hadn't grown older, at Xena's birthday ) Or will it be both, but by "half". And other question, was Ares' power return to him with Apollo's death and he didn't say it to Xena for some reasons or it was happened later, so he didn't know it yet?

And then there was new (third) re-reading. Now I already had paid attention to all details, to all parts of plot. Awesome episode, I must say! Aphrodite who 'betrayed' her classic pink style is something. But what she will do with her collection of pink peignoirs? But I like the train of her thoughts. Yes, it's only way to behave to the predictions of Fates.

Certainly, Āres and Xena, who are together again, - this is the most pleasant moment in all episode. Sure, things will not the way they were before, but "love always wins out in the end", yes?

Scene with the pendant is very beautiful, individual thanks for it! And images are also great (I at last have learned to look pictures by phone). Although, if honestly, I thought that pendant is less by a size. LOL)
Also there was a touching moment, when Gabrielle thought about line "I just... don't want our child to grow up fatherless" (though it wasn't about her). Maybe, it's time for her to remember her promise to Haimon "Someday we're going to be together" (from the rather timely ep 'A Merry Little Solstice')
And also very interesting plot turn with the Eye of Hephaestus. On the first reading (yet till I read about Āres becoming mortal and lapsed into a coma) at first I assumed it will be something about 'The Xena Scrolls', and action now will be carried in the future, where Xena/Mel will release Āres. But I'm glad, that action takes place in 'customary' timeline, without jumps in time.

It was good to see again Antigone and to know that she and Actaeon are all right. Hercules - wow, long-awaited appearance! His reaction to the Xena/Ares relations is priceless! Especially their dialogue with Xena:
And this is important to us because...
Because it's important to me.
And Ares' jeers as:
Oh, she puts up with me fine.
Poor demigod. LOL No wonder that he wasn't eager to meet with Xena and Gabrielle after 'Surprises'.
And, of course, now I just cannot wait till a new episode. And because there Āres already again must become god... well, half... and because all idea with parallel world. Will it be that world where Sovereign ruled and Āres was God of Love? (why do I think about fic 'The End of the World Has its Perks' - great idea with a battle by pillows) Or there will be some other world? Like that where Xena fought with Mavican? Or... OK, as I said, I can not wait!


I was very pleased with how this episode turned out. Everything really came together.

A lot was going on in this episode, and it really meshed nicely together.

In response to Ares giving up his immortality not on "his own terms" -- I think thats the interesting part. Ares wanted to, but he was forced to give up his immortality and make Artemis even stronger in the process. As we saw at the end of the episode, when Xena and Ares vanished, things aren't going to just work out for everyone. Lets not forget, this is the Xenaverse. Also, we don't even know for sure if Ares' state of mortality is permanent.

But I have to say, the best line of the episode would have to be "Traffic was a bitch." I believe that was LK's doing.

The images and the collages turned out great, Aurora. Really brought a lot to the episode. It was a great way to end the year (and we got it out in 2006!) and I think all the hard work paid enough.

While I did help write this episode, both LK and Aurora put a LOT of time into this episode in order to get it out before the new year.


I had the feeling that the authors got some real pleasure out of arranging Apollo's departure from the stage, presumably for good. Given the nastiness of the Niobe story a few eps back, I don't think anyone's going to be missing Golden Boy. My guess is that his equally unpleasant sister will be following him shortly.

Now, this is how the Twilight should have been handled in S5 - confusion and civil strife in Olympus, with some gods trying to survive on the backs of others. It's a lot more believable that Xena and Gab could survive and even triumph by exploiting the Olympians' self-interest than by relying on the pantheon's lousy aim. As we would expect, Apollo and Artemis are out for sheer self-preservation by any means necessary, but Athena is displaying a far greater sense of perspective than she did the first time around - maybe dying once before agreed with her. Zeus is more pensive as well - the dialogue with Herc was well-done.

Ares has a unique perspective - he and his sis 'Dite are the only Olympians with experience of mortality, an experience that makes him far less instinctively fearful of Eve's and Eli's message than the other gods. Unfortunately, he's still vain enough to get snared by a fairly simple trap, courtesy of Heph's craftsmanship and Apollo's and Artemis's treachery. Nice scene with Xena releasing him from the tomb, complete with a tip of the hat to the recently departed Robert Altman. Since we're in the final season, I assume that the loss of Ares' godhood is permanent this time, but it appears that he's ready for it. He's too “human” now to relish his GOW job, and he knows that becoming mortal means that the last real barrier to a full relationship with Xena is gone. I suppose that giving up his godhood wasn't completely ”on his terms,” but OTOH it was a scenario that Ares would never have contemplated in his salad days. To become mortal in a way that Xena would have done, if she had been presented with that choice - perhaps it was done in his way after all.

Good to see Herc again, although he seemed to be a fifth wheel in this one - probably serves him right for hogging all of that story- and airtime in GFC! Gab is largely in a supporting role here, but she shows admirable pluck, plus she gets to show Xena that there's more than one woman around who can kick butts while pregnant. The other supporting characters are serviceable - Althea and Otus do their bit to keep the plot moving, and Antigone and Acteon get a few emoting opportunities.

Lots of action, and a real cliffhanger ending - hey, maybe we'll see the alt-universe and the groovy GOL again! Kudos to the authors (LK, Aurora and Ryan)!


Ding, dong, the b!tch is dead! Great episode, guys! It was set up really well and all the return characters were great. And the images and the collage were stunning - I didn't mind having more images than usual.

I'll just say that I'm okay with how Ares lost his godhood. Just because he wanted it to be a certain way doesn't mean that it was going to happen. He's not a Fate. Also, it shows just how much he was ready to be a mortal.

It was also good to see the X&A love again. Hopefully this portal thing won't prevent them from getting some action.

Also, can't wait 'til Gab's baby gets here!

Oh, and I laughed out loud at that "Traffic was a bitch" line.