It was really great to see this story evolve from the beginning. A great addition to the Amazon Arc. Loved the speeches at the end. Loved how nicely the Twilight Arc tied into this episode and didn't feel out of place.

Really loved that Eve (with the help of Xena and Gab) were able to change the Amazons for the better (presumably). Also liked the eery dream in the beginning of the episode! That was cool.

Now we still have the Twilight Arc left hanging and Gabrielle still has to give birth.

As much as everyone hates the episode delays, I think we can all agree that its going to be pretty difficult when the series is officially over. These episodes always end up top quality. Nice work Aurora and LadyKate!

guardian of existence

just read the ep and i loved it as usual everything was great!!!


Fantastic episode. It worked really well in that it focused on one main plot while tying together a lot of previously brought-up threads, as well as working in the Twilight situation, as Ryan mentioned. It's a much better closure to the Amazon nation (if it is indeed a closure) than THAB was. Can't wait to read what happens next.

And the collage and photos looked great, as always. I especially loved that one of Xena from POV where she's in the field and it looks like it's night with fireflies.

Bravo, Shipper Seasons!!


That was Awesome... You all have me amped to see a lil Gabrielle err Gabrelle running around soon... YAY... I love the story awesome job


Loved it darlings! The eppy came out beautifully, as always.

Plus, it's good to see Gabby working out her issues a bit... I'm curious where this all will go.


Great job everyone!!!

I'm glad that Eve finally convinced the Amazons to consider changing certain traditions or at least modifying them to better serve the nation as a progressive unit (if that makes any sense).

Gabrielle's pregnancy is progressing and it is interesting to see her still sorting through the umbilical residue from Hope And most importantly I am proud of Eve for telling Ares about what is to come regarding the Twilight.


Yu-hoo, new episode!
You know, I'm en route just now, more precisely, in a train. And to read ep using mobile telephone... yeah, probably, I have some from Joan of Arc. But result's worthy of it, sure!

It is a marvelous episode! I am incredibly happy to see Virgil in play again. Eve/Virgil is my second the most favourite couple (have any ideas who is first? ) Eve became an excellent queen! I like, how she desided problem of Scyleia. Maybe, in future she also could decide question about presence of amazons' husbands, couldn't she? Or, at least, a husband would become royal privilege, huh? Why don't the amazons have a king in addition to the queen?
Certainly, I'm very happy to Ares' appearance, and full moment is remarkable - when the pick of the Olympus is assembled, and Artemis/Ares wrangle is such amusing, and Hermes who is suffering from the lack of attention - what fun! And then it is such thrilling change to └res, in spite of all threats of Twilights, in fact, survive question - shows that he cares about Xena... as always...
"I lose everything... including you". ╬www... Gabrielle's dream is something too! And if Gab give birth a girl, will she treat to her as to "Hope"? I mean, at subconscious level and so on. And it's how any children complexes appear.
And Caleb and Lykia... I wonder, if will be anything between them both? In 'ship' department? After brother changed her for Gab, poor Lykia. =) How old is she, in any case?

And now about all this idea of Twilights. Or Twilights-2, to be precise. Eve's dreams become all more distinct... and, honestly, I begin to be afraid of every her one more and more than previous. Guys, this is excellent scenario, excellent ideas... but is it as to suppose, is it really all gods have to be passed from the picture? Maybe, Eve's dreams/visions were sent by some Michael-2 and doesn't heave real sense? Maybe, is there some loophole for gods to remain gods? I just... just... I do not want that gods became mortals for "eternity"... even not for "eternity" but only for time of their mortal life, and after that they will disappear at all. When Xena and Co. returned gods from Hell, I had danced, really... and now do you want again to be left them? Pleaaaase, please-please-please, leave them as gods! Is there any chance that you will? Well, seriously, why the Tartarus, does this God of Love establish his own order? This is the same choice what └res told archangels about in ep 'Harbinger of Twilight':
'"Free choice" ... Your power or your life'
It's not fair, it's not fair, it's not fair!!!!!!!
Before (especially 8 Season) - there eps were so... light (in all senses of the word), lovely... Xena as temporary Goddess, "TV"-trip to alternative lives... and now - it's about life/death, and Xena and Ares on different sides...