I love the way this arc is building and creating natural tension and plenty of possibities for the next episodes. Great collage, too!

Thanks for another wonderful episode!!


Oh, thank you very much! It's great! You're the best, guys!

All this story with continuation of Twilight keeps me in suspense. After all that easiness, light which went through the eighth season (and first 1/3 from 9) mostly , new obstacles seem especially dark. Survive against love.... Oh, I really hope that Ares and Xena will manage to overcome it and to keep the relations.

Island Prison, Amazons as outlaws... I never thought that Amazons could be... like they. The episode was read without pausing for breath. Ares' plan was ideal - he could get out of such ticklish situation. It's a pity, that Xena hasn't appreciated it... Well, not exactly appreciated.

"I... I don't know whether to thank you for the warning, or--(her voice breaks off for a moment) or to hate you for--what you did."

And nerve-strain became more and more hard, I can not wait what will be next.


Wonderful job, as per usual! Some of the lines were so exceptionally natural and perfect that I could see them (especially between X&A and X&G). Others, well it was jut hard to see because I'm not as familiar with the images of the characters.

So, over all. Brilliant. I'm in tingles waiting for the next eppy!


great episode .

dark with some very fuzzy morality -- i've been really impressed with this whole amazon arc. these chicks have been in for some tough times and -- cynic that i am -- i'm glad that we're not getting sappy happy crappy endings .

it's also nice to see eve emerging as a strong leader of the amazons. deep down she may not like the choices she has to make but she makes them not out of vindictiveness but rather in the name of survival of her tribe. but i still think in her heart of hearts she's an elijan and a pacifist. her actions with the zons is motivated more by guilt and a sense of duty rather than than from a genuine belief that their way is the right way.

and gabby is so jaded . she's not trusting andromache any farther than she can throw her and eve and xena were willing to give her (andro) the benefit of the doubt. she was proven right in the end but i still think gabby needs either a vacation or a puppy


I read it....very good!!

guardian of existence

awsome stuff!!! i cant wait till the next one to find out whats happening with Xena and Ares