Shipper Queen

That was terrific--defenetly one of my favorites. And the way you resolved everything..... So sweet. And this is from a musical hater too I guess I like them more when they're written.


SS7 did it again. Something I thougt that was very good was the fact that it wasn't just a mass-hallucination. In fact, it had truth concealed within it and the medallion was the proof

Xena/Ares moments were very well handled.....I loved the retraction line about what she said in AUS Took her long enough to admit it out loud

And how sweet that Gabby got thank Joxer.....I miss that guy. It was too bad though that Virgil couldn't meet his dad too but then again it might have been awkward to have him when Joxer was saying that he still loved Gabby.

What Dite said, "Don't believe everything you hear about blondes." Guess she proved that! She helped without making a mess