Drat, we see the character Michael again! Can you guys please kill him off?

Once again, this raises the question of what Xena really did during the Twilight. This episode seems to imply that that GOL actually needed her--to take power away from the Olympians. I suppose that's one way to look at it. Oh, and it raises another question: would Xena have done it if she hadn't been manipulated? I think she would have done anything that she was convinced was for the greater good (and the only way I could internally justify some of the sacrifices Xena made for Eve was to take it as a given that the destruction of the Olympians was for the greater good), but if it hadn't been for Eve, Xena would heve needed a lot more proof that this new order wasn't only good (as opposed to Dahak) but necessary. (And, of course, if it wasn't for the greater good, there's no way she would have done it if not for Eve.)

Is there a list somewhere of which gods, in your opinion, survived the Twilight? I've heard opinions ranging from anyone we didn't see killed to no one except Ares and Aphrodite.

Uriel is a bigger jerk than Michael. Someone get rid of X:WP's archangels!

Okay, that is interesting, though: Eve given the power to kill gods rather than Xena. I don't think the show made it clear why Xena lost it in the first place, but it did show how an immature young girl fell when given more power than she could handle (one of my takes on Evil Xena), so I'll be interested to see how and whether Eve can handle this power.

Good line: "That's the worst kind of situation, Gabrielle. When there's no choice."

I was also glad to see that Eve was upset with the GOL for abandoning her to become Livia. Maybe it's hereditary--both Xena and Eve were so busy blaming themselves that they didn't ever seem to see the others who had a hand in making them the people they were.

Great smirk from Gabrielle in the picture after she throws a sai at Ares. I miss Ares when he doesn't make an appearance in these episodes.

Xena, unthinkingly, "I'm not your enemy." *chuckling* I don't think she's really been Ares' enemy since the end of season 3.

Oh, poor Eve. I think that just about everyone has to come to terms sooner or later that others' have a different perception of one's God...but that was a cruel way for Eve to find out, as she's preaching because she was commanded to preach. The "he's no better than they were" lines hit too close to home. His philosophy might be (debatably) better, but so far his actions haven't been. Eve's reaction: I can't be the messenger anymore; I'm being a hypocrite, showed a level of maturity that it's very refreshing to see from her. (And I think it's cool when anyone prays, anyway.)

So the GOL is Eve's father? "Disobeying" one's father isn't the same thing as "betraying" one's father, though, although I wouldn't expect Eve to know that.

That was really interesting: that when Xena sees what she fears the most, it has to do with her relationship with Ares.

Really beautiful line from Gabrielle: "Love, Eve, it's in your heart. It doesn't come from above." That makes sense out of all that Gabrielle genuinely learned from the false gurus she mistakenly trusted along the way.

Eve promises she won't speak of the GOL again, Andros accepts that she'll still speak of peace. I think that's a very good example of personal freedom without compromising.

Ares: "Just my job. Encouraging a little...civil dispute." LOL. Nice to know the God of War will encourage war on the celestial level too!

Beautiful scene for the ending. I'm looking forward to seeing what Xena will do about the Olympians in Hell; I'm willing to bet she's not going to leave them there.


EXCELLENT job Tango! The dialogue is perfect! The story totally kept me on the edge of my seat. And nice peaceful ending.....although it still makes me wonder what will come next (which is a good thing)

I loved it!


Wow! I forgot how great this episode was! I love everything about it. It's so good to see a different turn on the Twilight and Xena's guilt for killing the gods. Plus we get to see Michael and the God of Love portrayed as the baddies and Eve questioning her path.

I have to say I love the character Uriel. He is such a sarcastic smart alec, and it's so funny that he is an angel. You can easily see that he is taking the job as Michael's sidekick since Raphael seems to be questioning what Michael is doing.

I also love how Hope gets mentioned and how Gabrielle's feelings about this. Her talk with Eve was great, about how Eve should never compare herself to Hope and that Hope didn't have a choice, but Eve does. Then when Eve brings up her "conversion" into the light from the God of Love, I love Gab's response:

GABRIELLE (sincerely):
I don't know, Eve. But I'll tell you this: a man I once...knew...told me that when he had been about to kill a man, the same thing happened to him. His god revealed himself, and the man felt such love, that he knew that he would not kill. (she looks directly at Eve) That god was Dahak.

WOW! What a powerful statement.

I really love this arc and I can't wait to re-read the other episodes.

This episode was so well-written and peiced so well together that I have to give it a 10/10.

If only these could be actual episodes...

So great job Tango and LK!