Even reading the logline, I know I'm going to like this episode. I've been wanting X:WP to rewrite "Antigone" since I knew I was getting to the last episodes and there were still other classic stories to explore.

Cool opening, with Xena and Gabrielle sneaking into a walled city in cloaks. It had the same feel of the season 1 Xena episodes, without the worry that Baby Gabby might trip over something.

Add Creon to the list of Greek Rulers Who Xena Knows, LOL.

THe opening also had a lto of the feel of Past Imperfect: two enemies who kenw each other too well, the feel of fighting oneself, and Xena having to force everyone back inside the city. There's a Giant Killer dilemma too: can Xena be the one to finish off Polyneices, or does Eteocles have to do it in order to keep his people's respect?

Ooooh, it's great to know that some of the Greeks still worship Ares after all that's happened--the latter seasons of X:WP seemed to lose track of that (except maybe for MHR). That was a nice touch; Xena's legendary reputation has grown to include her association with Ares.

Beautiful picture of Antigone. I loved her conversation with Gabrielle, too; there are so many layers there. Antigone does seem so young, and yet I like the way she wasn't about to give up her ideals, and Gabrielle has to deal both with that and with the young woman's hero-worship.

Creon sticks stubbornly to his decision in order to maintain power, just like in the classic story. What do you suppose would have happened if he'd yielded? Come to think of it, I saw Xena make lots of bad decisions in the show, but I never saw her sticking to one when she'd decided she was wrong...although Xena didn't rule a nation, either, and I suppose it would have been different if we'd seen more of her as a commander of an army.

Wow. Okay, when I first read "Antigone," I didn't quite get why it was such a personal thing for Antigone to bury her brother (even though she was doing what she thought was right, I couldn't see why it went beyond that), but that comparison to Gabrielle having to burn Xena just made it all come alive.

Oh, great. Gabrielle was just beginning to get through to Creon...she had a really good point about the fact that he ruled a free people, he wasn't a tyrant keeping control of slaves...and then those two morons burst in and ruin everything. Gabrielle's being honest as always, but I can just see Xena not buying Creon's arguments about the law. I've seen debates (and probably more) about whether Xena was selfish or in the right to have a couple of people (Gabrielle and Eve) who she put ahead of the local laws, sometimes ahead of the greater good. I think that in some situations that was right and in some it wasn't, but it was a very human trait of Xena's that was part of what made her who she was. In this case, Xena is right to try to protect both Gabrielle and Antigone. A split-second decree made by a king who might have flawed judgment shouldn't be enough to call for anyone's life.

Creon is much more human in this version than in the Greek version...and we get a happy ending. Yeah! I guess he was just making the mistakes of any new uncertain ruler; I'm glad Xena rescued Antigone in time and the mistakes didn't lead to anyone dying.

Very cute firelight scene between Xena and Gabrielle. And the "Sophocles turned over in his grave" disclaimer was hilarious!!!

I really liked this episode!


Who knew an episode could be made with the plot of not burying dead soldiers Actually it was a very well written and interesting story.

I liked Princess Antigone and how it dealt with her feelings about her brothers' deaths. I am guessing this idea was taken from some play? I thought I remember something like that being said.

The one thing I didn't like about this episode is we didn't get too much Xena. I guess a Xena-lite episode is kind of needed at this point, so it isn't too bad.

I'm glad it ended with a good note. Creon forgave his neice and realized the error of his ways, the rest of the soldiers got proper burials, and Antigone is left to help her uncle in ruling Thebes.

All in all it was a good stand-alone episode, and makes room for the Twilight-Ressurrection of the Gods arc (even hinting at it breifly). I give it a 8.5/10


Good work. Xena's characterization was flawless. I could really hear her say each and every word you had her say.

The way you used the story was very smart, very innovative, although I have a bone to pick with you for changing the ending. What made you feel there should be a happy ending? It was a tragedy, for crying out loud. And it was so much more powerful because of the way it ended.

I also had a problem with the way you portrayed Antigone. She was too much of a rebelious teenager in my opinion. I actually pictured her as being portrayed by Shiri Appelby (Tara) rather than by Kate Elliot.

But I did very much enjoy reading this episode. Your innovative usage of a classic does echo the feel of the real show. Oh, and I love the fact that Xena and Gabrielle are Creon's friends. It's kinda like in A GIANT KILLER, makes it all the more complicated and therefore all the more fun.

Good work.