7.05 Bloodlust I

Production #XWP139/SS05
Episode #7.05

Story By: Amber

Written By: Amber

Collage By: Aurora

Images Gathered By: Aurora


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I'd like to thank all of the writers of SS7 for helping me figure this out--I love you guys! Also, as most of you who know me know, I am a huge, huge fan of Adrienne Wilkinson--and without her, I doubt I'd have written these two episodes. So, if you ever see this Adrienne, thank you for making Eve into such a fantastic character. Thank you to Cora for the great promos, thank you Aurora for making a fantastic site for them to go on and thank you to anyone who reads the season!


To the thousands of people who lost their lives in the tragedy in the USA and to the brave, brave people risking their lives even now to clear away the wreckage. Our thoughts are with you and your loved ones.


Eve is arrested and put on trial in Rome for her past crimes.


October 27, 2001